Our Mission

The Lisa Halverson Foundation is focused on making a positive impact in the world through benefiting the lives of young people. We do this by making an impact to inspire at risk youths to chose to live healthfully in a holistic sense. This means healthy in nutrition, healthy in social connections, healthy in mind, and healthy in spirit.

This effort is centered on the exemplary life that Lisa Halverson lived. In her life Lisa was dedicated to helping other stay healthy in her profession as a nurse. This drive led Lisa to work in many hospitals and many different settings across the country, eventually allowing her to become a flight nurse attending to patients in need of medical evacuation by air. Through her experiences Lisa saw the need for more healthy life choices for today’s youth and she was inspired to make a difference each and every day as a nurse helping to save lives.

The Lisa Halverson Foundation is determined to be a source of positive influence for kids so that they can achieve a healthy lifestyle and then become empowered to be a source of positivity in their communities as well.


Our Future Is Bright

"Children are our greatest Treasure. They are our future. There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children"

— Nelson Mandela


There was a special beauty witnessed
Every day within your role
As you cared for all your patients
As you meet each nursing goal

In this role you made a difference
One that goes beyond just care
Goes beyond the role of Nursing
To a special gift you were kind enough to share

It's a gift that eases sorrow
Eases pain and fallen tears
One you chose to give freely
Without compromise or fears

In your touch there was a healing
Known on earth and high above
It's the special beauty witnessed

When a Heart is Touched by Love.

For Lisa