We seek to carry on Lisa’s beautiful legacy of compassionate care and service to others while enjoying life to the very fullest.


Lisa was such an amazing inspiration to us all in so many ways that it’s difficult to encapsulate all she meant to us in a single sentiment. She left us far too early and through the efforts of the Lisa Halverson Foundation we know that her sense of selfless dedication will endure. Throughout her life Lisa was dedicated to giving back to others and we are determined to keep her spirit going. From being a flight nurse on medical rescue helicopters to volunteering and donating her nursing skills and knowledge to impoverished communities, Lisa lived a life that was centered around helping others. The selfless acts she regularly carried out were also often directed towards helping children, some of the most vulnerable lives in our world. Lisa was a true inspiration and an outstanding example of a life truly lived to the fullest. And she did all the the amazing things in her life with her sweet but mischievous smile and an infections laugh that was simply heartwarming. Lisa’s impact on us all will never fade and in our efforts her spirit and selfless legacy will carry on.



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